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Clinical Trials: A Small Dose of Creativity

Best Friends Forever by Samantha Oty

Synopsis: Two friends meet in a playground after years of not speaking to dig up an old time capsule.


Where the Snow Never Ends by Wesley Cappiello

Synopsis: WHERE THE SNOW NEVER ENDS follows Amy, a broken-down drunk, as she copes with spending her first Christmas alone.


Meet Lucy by Elizabeth Pellegrino

Synopsis: Average guy Peter is nervous to meet his girlfriend Mary’s daughter, but he’s in for a hell of surprise when it turns out first-grader Lucy is nothing like the little angel her mother promised.


The Wednesday Train by Natalie Ann Valentine

Synopsis: The train to the hereafter only travels on Wednesdays. You'll get used to it.


Long Abandoned by Samantha Oty

Synopsis: A boy meets a girl in a small, abandoned church.


Before the Last Call by Peter Mercurio

Synopsis: Mom and son are having a typical, routine morning preparing for their day when a telephone call changes their lives forever.


Stung by Laura Ekstrand

Synopsis: In this ten-minute play, two people meet at a farmers market who are resolved to change the way they have relationships. A simple transaction turns into a conversation that nudges them toward a new way forward.


Lumos by Austin Shay

Synopsis: Theseus and Bruno are sitting in their kitchen while Bruno is fanboying over Harry Potter while Theseus scoffs. Is Theseus a wizard? Does he know Harry? 

July 22, 2023
Leg Up Farm
4880 North Sherman Street Extension
Mount Wolf, PA 17347
7/22/23 at 2:00 pm
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